Individual Weight Loss Program

The Ultimate program designed just for you. Dr. Dowe is your personal coach for 40 days. You will receive everything in the Do-It-Yourself hCG weight loss kit and  Lipo B Complex injections plus, your package includes 5 one on one visits with Dr. Dowe. You personal statistics will be taken each week to track your BMI, % of fat loss, and total balance of fat to muscle analysis. Added to your personalization will include herbal transdermal patches to subdue appetite, auricular (ear) therapy with needles/ electo-acupuncture/ laser therapy, essential oils, custom changes to your homeopathic sprays,etc.

You will have direct access to all the latest techniques and products. Dr. Dowe will keep you on track. Be sure to ask about family specials and you can repeat the program for 1/2 price if you have more than 30Lbs. to lose. Supervision has shown to increase success by more than 50%.
Full 40 day program is only $299—-Do it Right! You deserve it.