Chronic Pain Relief

Dr. Dowe specializes in Chronic Pain Relief

Do you have a nagging pain tht just doesn’t respont to medications any longer/ Are you just tired of living a life of one pain pill to the next?

Let me show you in ONE visit that there is another way. Utilizing traditional ,painless needles, I will move the” Qi”energy from  the stagnant location to flowing again in your body. I have access to several types of  microcurrent/ milliamp/ laser/ ultrasound devices to get in there and physically move the pain. Add to that , Tui-na Massage, hot packs or cold therapy and you will find a caring experience unlike the typical visit to the pill dispensers.Natural homeopathic trigger point injections are also available.  Give me one visit and you will have a different view of what really is wholistic and natural therapy–No scripts here!  One full hour of personal attention ( $75-$100)  Package therapies will be discussed. Try a new experience–What do you have to lose? PAIN –That’s what!