Doug and Nancy are so excited to be attending this year’s International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa COnference in Fort Lauderdale.  The big event is held at the Broward County Convention Center September 22nd through the 23rd.  INVIGORATE is our theme at SpaRenity.  We will always encourage continuing education to our staff and ourselves.  Always to help you along your pathway to health & happiness. We will learn the latest trends and techniques emerging in the spa and wellness markets. We make a commitment to you each time we choose to educate ourselves and attend conferences. Our goal is to become more proficient in our business, learn new procedures, technologies, and our improve our own skills as we attend a series of in-depth workshops and visit Broward County Convention Center for the IECSC. Stay tuned to hear all about it when we get back … ~Nancy and Doug The Best Spa in Bradenton, SpaRenity

One of the easiest things we can do is take care of the bodies we have.  One tip to a younger looking face is taking care of your bones. BONES? Yes Bones!   Bones in your face, like the bones in your body, lose volume as you age. When the bones that define your eye sockets, brows, nose, and upper jaw recede, your skin droops and sags thus making you appear old   Facial bone loss starts in women at age 41, to prevent it:

All Natural Facelift Bradenton The Vampire Facelift is an all natural facelift, non-surgical procedure that Nancy Dowe, owner of SpaRenity Bradenton is documenting her progress to share with her patients.  From Nancy:  Today is the 21st day since I experienced the Vampire Facelift.  By Day 12 the bruising under my eyes had subsided, and by day 14 I could absolutely tell/see that the lines and sagging I had noticed prior to treatment were beginning to soften and in some cases disappear. Today I truly notice a softer appearance, more defined jaw line, and less creapiness (sp) on the upper cheek areas and upper eyelids. It was a bit unexpected to have experienced the bruising and swelling in the beginning. But right now, I do think it has been worth it. I return for my follow up visit later in March. For a complete video diary on the progress of her All Natural Facelift you can visit the SpaRenity Bradenton YouTube Channel. *Nancy will continue to document her All Natural Facelift Bradenton!  Stand by for more postings!